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“The professional level of DBB Software is record-breaking.” Thanks to DBB Software’s support, the client has been able to reduce their development time by 30%–40%. The team is highly efficient and timely; they deliver high-quality work and go above and beyond to meet deadlines. Overall, their commitment, hands-on approach, and responsiveness are impressive.



04 Oct. 2021


We had a great experience overall working with DBB Software engineering team for the search integration. There was some learning curve on both sides initially with communication when we started. Still, we eventually ended on the process where we had actionable steps for the issues that made it easy to provide support.

Appbase, Inc.

Appbase, Inc.

05 Jan. 2022


Part of my team has been composed of people from DBB Software for a handful of years now. They have proved effective, managing a whole project within a team, from front-end and back-end development, going through DevOps, and handling releases. Communications are fluent, and always give support when needed. I'm proud to have been part of this team.

JLL Technologies

JLL Technologies


How We Work

Build Your Idea from Scratch

At our software consultancy, we swiftly transform your vision into reality through efficient development. We start with in-depth software planning, studying the market for a robust and user-friendly design. As a comprehensive web and mobile development agency, we offer everything from DevOps consultancy to post-launch maintenance. Our adaptable approach, combined with quality testing, ensures a product that surpasses market standards.

Dedicated team

We provide a team that feels like a part of your own company, a hallmark of our IT consultancy for businesses. Our group of skilled developers, QA engineers, and project managers are here to work only on your project. They adapt to your work methods and timelines, giving you services that save you the hassle, akin to having your own software maintenance services team.

Augment Your Team

Expand your team quickly and without the extra costs of hiring new staff. We offer talented developers, QA engineers, and other IT experts to work side by side with your current team, a real testament to quick development solutions. And to ensure everything runs smoothly, we are here to provide software audit services to keep track of the quality and safety of the work being done.


During the planning phase, our team focuses on product discovery, where we work to understand your project’s goals and requirements. We write down all the essential documentation and create designs that serve as the blueprint for the entire project. This phase ensures that we are aligned with your vision and that we set the project on the right course from the beginning.










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AI Revolutionizes Brain-Machine Interfaces

03 Dec. 2023

#AITechnology #BrainMachineInterface #Innovation #FutureTech #ArtificialIntelligence #Neuroscience

Breakthroughs in AI-powered brain-machine interfaces promise to transform human interaction with technology. These interfaces, blurring the lines between human cognition and AI, could revolutionize fields like medicine, gaming, and accessibility. While offering new communication and control capabilities, they also raise important ethical considerations for responsible development and use.

AI Revolutionizes Brain-Machine Interfaces

'Authentic' Word of the Year Highlights AI Influence

01 Dec. 2023

#Authentic2023 #AIInfluence

Merriam-Webster has announced 'authentic' as its 2023 Word of the Year, selected due to a significant increase in online searches. This choice underscores the growing challenge in defining authenticity in an era where the distinction between real and fake is increasingly blurred by advancements in artificial intelligence technology. The selection reflects the profound impact AI is having on language and societal perceptions.

 'Authentic' Word of the Year Highlights AI Influence

Microsoft Announces $3.2 Billion Investment in UK for AI Development

30 Nov. 2023

#MicrosoftAI #TechInvestment #UKTech #ArtificialIntelligence #FutureOfTech

In a significant move to bolster the growth of artificial intelligence, Microsoft has announced a massive investment of $3.2 billion in the United Kingdom. This strategic investment underscores the company's commitment to advancing the field of AI, reflecting its potential to revolutionize various industries. Microsoft's initiative is expected to contribute significantly to the UK's technology sector, positioning the country as a key player in the global AI landscape. This development marks a substantial step in Microsoft's ongoing efforts to drive innovation and technological advancement in artificial intelligence

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Microsoft Announces $3.2 Billion Investment in UK for AI Development

Trend Micro Enhances Cybersecurity with Generative AI

29 Nov. 2023

#TrendMicro #CyberSecurity #GenerativeAI #TechInnovation #DigitalDefense #AIRevolution

Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity, has announced a significant evolution in its cybersecurity approach by integrating generative AI into its flagship Trend Vision One™ platform. This integration combines the company's leading global threat intelligence with millions of diverse sensor types, enhancing visibility across the entire threat landscape. The move marks a pivotal step in leveraging advanced AI technologies to strengthen cybersecurity defenses

Trend Micro Enhances Cybersecurity with Generative AI

Case Studies

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Revolutionizing Global Healthcare: The Journey of Building a Comprehensive Review Platform

31 Oct. 2023

#healthcare #online #platform #review

Revolutionizing Global Healthcare: The Journey of Building a Comprehensive Review Platform

Trace the project’s stages and results of global healthcare platform development for the local medical specialist search in different countries.

#ecommerce #interface #design #artificial intelligence

Creating an Innovative and Intuitive Interface for Furniture E-commerce Platform

Trace the development process of a highly intuitive interface and 3D-visualization design technology, providing photo-realistic renders of interior and exterior settings for a global furniture e-commerce platform.

#platform #ecommerce

Building an Innovative and Sustainable E-commerce Platform

Explore how DBB Software developed a global e-commerce platform for the sale and exchange of books for a Norway-based company.

#smart textile #cross-platform

Developing a Smart Textile Solution with Cross-Platform

DBB Software has recently developed a smart textile solution with a cross-platform mobile app connected to a smart textile product line for a Canada-based company.



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The Power of PropTech: Transforming Real Estate Operations

04 Dec. 2023

#real estate #property #technology

The Power of PropTech: Transforming Real Estate Operations

A collaboration with a cutting-edge software company can mark the beginning of a revolutionary journey. Together, you can create an integrated platform that not only overhauls legacy systems but also redefines workflow efficiency in property management.

#AI #ChatGPTvsGoogleBard #ConversationalAI #MachineLearning

The Ultimate Showdown: Google Bard's Capabilities vs ChatGPT's Features

Explore the transformative AI revolution, focusing on the roles of ChatGPT and Google Bard in the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. Delve into a detailed comparison of their features, strengths, and limitations, backed by real examples.

#healthcare #review #rating

The Power of Reviews and Ratings in Healthcare

Find out the power of reviews and ratings in the healthcare industry. When harnessed effectively, they can drive better outcomes, more informed decisions, and greater patient satisfaction.

#agile #chatgpt

ChatGPT: Improving Agile Development Through AI-Powered Collaboration

Unleash ChatGPT in your Agile workflow. How to leverage ChatGPT in sprint planning, backlog refinement, code reviews, and refactoring to maximize efficiency

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