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With our Platform Base, which includes pre-built, configurable modules that eliminate repetitive coding, we launch them 1-2 months faster than our competitors. This unparalleled speed to market, combined with our custom software development services, gives you a unique advantage in your industry.

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    "DBB Software's commitment to delivering outstanding AI and custom software solutions was truly impressive." DBB Software's team performance exceeded the client's expectations and delivered high-quality work. The team demonstrated exceptional AI expertise and seamless integration into the client's team. DBB Software ensured the timely delivery of work and maintained clear communication with the client.

    COO, Software Engineering Company
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    "The developers show high availability and are ready to provide extra hours to meet our challenging deadlines." DBB Software has successfully developed the 12 websites as scheduled. Their team is always available and willing to work extra hours to meet the client's tight deadline. They also demonstrated flexibility, Uniform expertise, and effective communication via email, messaging apps, and meetings.

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    "The growth mindset of the people working at DBB Software is next to none." The client's platform was released in Norway and Sweden with more than 450K users getting a $6M yearly turnover, thanks to DBB Software. The team communicated well and used scum for project management. Overall, the client was impressed with the team's work ethos and collaborative approach.

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    "Everyone we interacted with at DBB Software was always very responsive." The client is happy with DBB Software's services, which have met expectations. The team always stays in touch, keeping the client updated about their progress. Moreover, their communication is excellent, and they always meet deadlines. Overall, they've delivered top-notch work, resulting in success.

    Black Tea Software
  • 55

    "They meet our expectations in every regard." DBB Software has delivered high-quality code at a competitive price. The team delivers on time and has been supportive and proactive throughout the engagement. They communicate effectively via email, messages on Microsoft Teams, and virtual meetings. Overall, they're highly focused and efficient.

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    "I was impressed with their work ethic, positive spirit, communication skills, and their will to deliver a fine product." The partnership was so successful that DBB Software was able to pass reviews and fix any bugs or issues that arose. They are noted as being incredibly responsive, smart, hardworking, and communicative.

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    "They do impressive work!" The company is happy with how the platform is performing, and it's being sold to many customers. DBB Software manages the project well using tools like Slack and Notion for communication. They facilitate daily stand-ups and sprint planning retrospectives. They offer new ideas to improve the product.

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    "We haven’t set metrics to measure their performance, but they’ve delivered quickly and with high quality." DBB Software has been working for the client for over three years, a testament to their quality service, excellent communication, and on-time delivery. The client is impressed with the vendor's knowledge of working with startups and enterprises and how they accommodate all their requests.

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    "They are skilled, communicative, and dedicated workers." DBB Software has delivered the project on time and with high quality, exceeding the client's expectations. The service provider has ensured excellent communication through weekly and daily gatherings and video calls. Their transparency, professionalism, and collaborative approach are commendable.

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    “The professional level of DBB Software is record-breaking.” Thanks to DBB Software’s support, the client has been able to reduce their development time by 30%–40%. The team is highly efficient and timely; they deliver high-quality work and go above and beyond to meet deadlines. Overall, their commitment, hands-on approach, and responsiveness are impressive.

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    "They also make our underlying platform better by providing input to our platform team." Software delivered the first version record time. The team continues to work on the website with a sense of ownership and pride in their work. They're also flexible, proactive, and consistent with their deliverables.

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    The project was completed within the expected timeframe. DBB Software managed the entire project seamlessly and worked efficiently without sacrificing any quality of their outputs. Overall, customers can expect a professional partner who gets the job done on time.

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    The client's user-friendly platform improved their operations and provided real-time insights, leading to cost savings and smart resource usage. DBB Software worked efficiently, met deadlines, communicated clearly, and adapted to project changes. Moreover, their software solutions met expectations.

    Cortance OÜ
  • 04 Oct. 2021


    We had a great experience overall working with DBB Software engineering team for the search integration. There was some learning curve on both sides initially with communication when we started. Still, we eventually ended on the process where we had actionable steps for the issues that made it easy to provide support.

    Appbase, Inc.
  • 05 Jan. 2022


    Part of my team has been composed of people from DBB Software for a handful of years now. They have proved effective, managing a whole project within a team, from front-end and back-end development, going through DevOps, and handling releases. Communications are fluent, and always give support when needed. I'm proud to have been part of this team.

    JLL Technologies

Our Awards


  • Unleash your ideas' full potential through our meticulous planning services. Specializing in product discovery, we ensure a thorough grasp of your goals and requirements. Our expertly crafted documentation and design blueprints establish a robust groundwork for project success, seamlessly complementing your vision.

  • Elevate your project with a team committed exclusively to your accomplishment. Overseen directly by you but situated within our facility, our devoted teams provide the ideal mix of intimate collaboration and proficient execution, ensuring direct oversight and flexible development.

  • Expand your project's scope effectively through our team augmentation services. Incorporate our proficient developers into your project's existing processes, ensuring a smooth transition that bolsters your team's performance. Our specialists in diverse technologies provide the crucial edge necessary for your project's success.

  • Experience the forefront of web development, customized for your industry. We offer complete solutions from start to finish, utilizing technologies such as React, Node.js,.NET, and Golang. With our commitment to quality assurance and devOps, we guarantee a seamless transition from concept to final deployment.

  • Elevate your presence with our universal mobile app development. We craft flawless applications for both iOS and Android platforms through React Native, backed by our dedicated teams in quality assurance and DevOps, ensuring a uniform and engaging experience on any device.

  • Our services extend to implementing CMS/ERP systems, building e-commerce sites, integrating IoT systems, and conducting advanced analytics and data processing. We are adept at web scraping for gathering market insights, securing payment integrations, and streamlining delivery and logistics. By adopting the latest technologies, we facilitate efficient operations and superior experiences for a variety of business sectors.

  • Revolutionize your operations with artificial intelligence. Our AI experts apply sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to streamline processes, improve decision-making, and achieve tangible outcomes. Utilizing NLP and predictive analytics, we devise custom solutions that cater to unique user needs and generate valuable insights.

  • Speed up your product launch with our specialized DevOps services. Our engineers collaborate with your team to refine workflows, achieving continuous integration and effective deployment. We ensure your applications operate flawlessly with scalable and robust infrastructure support.

  • Captivate your audience with our expertise in UI/UX design. We design intuitive, visually appealing interfaces that capture and maintain user interest. Our approach is grounded in analytics, aiming to perfectly align with your target audience's preferences to boost satisfaction and conversion rates.

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  • Transforming Worldwide Learning: Embracing the Future with Cutting-Edge CMS Solutions

    Discover how a leading educational provider overcame the challenges of an outdated Sitecore CMS with DBBS's expert guidance. This transformative project, involving the integration of the cutting-edge Uniform CMS, resulted in a seamless, efficient, and secure digital learning environment for over 20K learners worldwide. Key achievements include a significant 30% reduction in operational costs, improved scalability to support global growth, robust security protocols ensuring data protection, and a user-friendly platform offering multilingual support. Embrace the future of education with our innovative solutions and proven results.

  • Building a Real Estate Powerhouse

    Discover how DBB Software's strategic partnership with a leading real estate firm revolutionized its digital presence, overcoming challenges like data security, market integration, and scalability. This case study highlights the transformative journey towards creating an integrated, secure platform that not only enhanced the user experience but also facilitated global expansion and robust security measures. Results include a significant performance boost, expanded market reach into APAC and MENA regions, and a notable increase in user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Revolutionizing Fleet Management to Enhance Road Safety and Efficiency

    Discover how SafeMode, an innovative startup specializing in fleet management, partnered with DBB Software to overcome the challenges of scaling their project and maintain quality and efficiency. Through mobile app development, IoT integration, and cloud infrastructure, SafeMode achieved remarkable results, including a 30%–40% reduction in development time, high-quality output, increased app downloads, enhanced user experience, and robust and scalable solutions. Explore the case study to learn more about their journey towards revolutionizing fleet management.

  • The Journey of Building a Comprehensive Review Platform for Global Healthcare

    DBB Software's global healthcare review platform has revolutionized patient-provider connections, offering trusted, verified reviews across the UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Mexico. Serving over 10 million users and facilitating 20 million appointments, this platform enhances transparency and patient decision-making. Achievements include a 150% user base growth, 25% increase in engagement, and 30% improvement in patient satisfaction. Powered by cutting-edge tech like PostgreSQL, React, and AWS, it features multi-lingual support, rigorous review verification, and adherence to GDPR and HIPAA standards. Discover the impact of our solution on global healthcare—empowering patients with reliable information and providers with valuable feedback.

  • Creating an Innovative and Intuitive Interface for Furniture E-commerce Platform

    DBB Software revolutionizes furniture e-commerce with an AI-driven, intuitive interface and 3D visualization, enhancing online shopping. Discover the journey from challenge to innovative solution: seamless integration, personalized virtual stylist, and photo-realistic interior renders. Results? Elevated shopping experience, hyper-personalized discovery, and significant boosts in conversion and customer loyalty. Dive into our case study for insights on leveraging technology for compelling e-commerce growth.

  • Building an Innovative and Sustainable E-commerce Platform

    Discover our innovative e-commerce platform, designed for book enthusiasts in Norway and Sweden. Our solution simplifies buying, selling, and exchanging books, supporting a sustainable reading community. With a vast selection across genres, intuitive search features, and a user-friendly interface, we cater to diverse reading needs. Powered by advanced technologies like PostgreSQL and React Native, our platform ensures secure transactions and a personalized shopping experience. Join us in revolutionizing the book market with secure, efficient, and sustainable practices.

  • Developing a Smart Textile Solution with Cross-Platform

    DBB Software has developed a cutting-edge smart textile solution for a pioneering Canadian company in the smart textile industry, focusing on healthcare and wellness. Our comprehensive cross-platform mobile app connects with smart textile garments embedded with biometric sensors to monitor heart rate, ECG, and other vital data. Utilizing React Native, AWS Lambda, GraphQL, and WebSocket, we've created a seamless, user-friendly experience that includes features such as health metric tracking, symptom recording, and emergency alerts. This project has led to significant user adoption, improved health outcomes, and business growth for our client. Discover how our innovative solution is revolutionizing digital healthcare through real-time monitoring and personalized health insights.

  • Healthcare Mobile App Development

    Discover DBB Software's transformative healthcare solution: a comprehensive mobile app, provider portal, and admin panel tailored for an EU-based company focusing on diabetic retinopathy management. Our cutting-edge app leverages AI to offer personalized diabetic retinopathy risk assessments through advanced retinal image analysis. Designed to empower patients and streamline healthcare providers' tasks, this app enhances patient engagement and care efficiency. With a user-friendly interface, multi-functionality, and impactful results, including seamless patient monitoring and optimized care delivery, DBB Software sets a new standard in digital health. Explore our case study for insights on revolutionizing diabetic retinopathy detection and management with our innovative approach.

How we work


Strategic Project Planning

Unlock the potential of your ideas with our meticulous planning services. We specialize in product discovery, ensuring a deep understanding of your goals and requirements. Our expert documentation and design blueprints set a solid foundation for project success, aligning perfectly with your vision.


Dedicated Development Team

Enhance your project with a team dedicated solely to your success. Managed directly by you but housed within our facility, our dedicated teams offer the perfect blend of close collaboration and expert execution, ensuring direct control and agile development.


Team Extension Services

Scale your project efficiently with our team extension services. Integrate our skilled developers into your existing workflow to seamlessly enhance your team's capabilities. Our experts in various technologies bring the added advantage you need for project triumph.


UI/UX Design Services

Captivate your audience with our UI/UX design expertise. We create intuitive and visually stunning interfaces that engage and retain users. With our data-driven approach, we ensure our designs meet your audience's needs, improving satisfaction and conversion rates.


Continued Partnership and Growth

Our relationship doesn't end at deployment. We stand by as your long-term partner, offering ongoing maintenance and optimization services to adapt and grow in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • Predicting Behavior: MIT's AI Breakthrough

    22 Apr. 2024


    MIT has made significant strides in artificial intelligence by developing an AI model capable of predicting human and AI agent behavior with remarkable precision. This innovation opens up new possibilities across various sectors, from improving security protocols to transforming marketing strategies.

    • Unprecedented Accuracy: The model's ability to anticipate actions sets a new benchmark in predictive analytics.
    • Broad Applications: Its utility spans numerous fields, highlighting its versatility and potential impact.
    • Collaborative Effort: The development involved collaboration between MIT and other top research entities, underlining the importance of joint expertise in advancing AI technology.

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  • DBB Software Leverages GPT-4 Turbo: Transforming Development with AI

    18 Apr. 2024

    #DBBSoftware #OpenAI #GPT4TurboWithVision #Innovation #AIIntegration #TechTrends #SoftwareDevelopment

    At DBB Software, we're always on the lookout for cutting-edge technologies that can enhance our projects and workflows. That's why we're excited to share about the general availability of OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo with Vision API!
    GPT-4 Turbo with Vision Unleashed: OpenAI has rolled out GPT-4 Turbo with Vision to the public, bringing together advanced language processing and vision capabilities in one powerful API. This allows developers to integrate sophisticated AI functionalities into their apps like never before.
    Why We're Excited: GPT-4 Turbo with Vision is not just a tool for us; it's a revolution. It enhances our development processes by enabling faster coding, providing larger context windows for complex queries, and integrating vision-based data analysis directly into our projects.
    Our Experience with GPT-4 Turbo with Vision: We often utilize GPT-4 Turbo with Vision in our projects, leveraging its ability to understand and interpret both textual and visual information. This dual capability allows us to create more intuitive and responsive applications, automate mundane tasks, and offer innovative solutions to our clients.
    Transforming Ideas into Reality: From automating image-based data analysis to enhancing user interaction with visual elements, GPT-4 Turbo with Vision has empowered us to push the boundaries of what's possible in software development.

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  • Amazon Elevates AI Voices with BASE TTS

    17 Apr. 2024

    #amazon #ai

    Amazon introduces BASE TTS, an innovative text-to-speech AI with 980 million parameters, trained on over 100,000 hours of speech. This model excels in creating natural-sounding voices, pushing the boundaries of synthetic speech technologies.
    Key Highlights:
    Innovative Design: BASE TTS is the largest text-to-speech model to date, setting a new benchmark in the field.
    Advanced Training: Leveraged up to 100,000 hours of public domain speech data for training, ensuring a rich and diverse learning base.
    Emergent Abilities: Demonstrates capabilities that surpass traditional expectations of text-to-speech technologies, including remarkably natural and lifelike speech generation. Opens up new possibilities for enhancing digital assistants, audiobooks, virtual customer service, and any domain requiring naturalistic voice synthesis.

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  • Microsoft Tests AI Chatbot for Xbox Support

    16 Apr. 2024


    Microsoft is experimenting with an AI chatbot to provide assistance to Xbox users, utilizing voice or text interactions.

    • Generative AI Utilization: The chatbot employs generative AI to offer relevant support, drawing from Microsoft's extensive video game library for imagery and solutions.
    • Enhanced Customer Service: This development marks Microsoft's latest endeavor to leverage AI technology for improving digital customer service experiences.

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  • Revolutionizing Human Interaction: The Rise of Wearable Emotion Recognition Technology

    15 Apr. 2024

    #wearable #tech #emotions

    A team led by Professor Jiyun Kim at UNIST has developed the world’s first real-time wearable technology for human emotion recognition, promising a new frontier in understanding emotional states.

    • Potential Applications: This technology has wide-ranging implications, particularly in enhancing empathetic interactions in healthcare and customer service sectors, by providing immediate feedback on the wearer's emotional state.
    • Empathy and Connection: By offering insights into personal and others' emotions, this device aims to foster deeper human connections in a digital era, making it a significant step towards bridging emotional gaps.
    • Future of Emotional Intelligence: As we embrace this innovative technology, it heralds a new era where technology and empathy converge, leading to a more connected and emotionally aware society.

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  • Meta Debuts Advanced AI Chip for Enhanced Ad Recommendations

    11 Apr. 2024


    Meta unveils the Meta Training and Inference Accelerator, focusing on improved Facebook ad recommendations.

    • Performance Gains: Built on a 5nm process, it achieves three times the performance of its predecessor, with more cores and memory.
    • Strategic Role: Designed to complement GPUs, indicating an aim for efficiency within Meta's data center operations.

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  • Apple's ReALM AI Surpasses GPT-4 in Contextual Understanding

    10 Apr. 2024

    #apple #ai

    Apple's latest AI system, dubbed Reference Resolution As Language Modeling (ReALM), has been reported to outshine OpenAI's GPT in certain tasks. The key to ReALM's success lies in its innovative approach to integrating on-screen content and background context into its processing.

  • Google's Android App to Introduce Gemini Toggle Feature

    09 Apr. 2024

    #gemini #google

    The Google app for Android is set to include a new Gemini toggle feature, enabling users to easily switch between Google Search and the Gemini AI chatbot. This functionality, which mirrors a similar feature on iOS, was revealed through an exclusive tip and includes a demonstration video. The introduction of the toggle is part of Google's broader effort to incorporate Gemini AI across its platforms, with future integrations potentially extending to Gmail for summarizing emails and suggesting replies.

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  • X to Unveil Enhanced AI Chatbot Grok-1.5: A Leap in Performance and Capabilities

    30 Mar. 2024

    #grok #chatbot

    X's AI chatbot Grok is set for a significant update with the introduction of Grok-1.5. The new version promises a measurable upgrade over its predecessor, Grok-1, showcasing improvements in performance and capabilities according to benchmarks and specifications released by the company. This development is part of X's ongoing efforts to enhance and expand its AI technologies.

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  • Databricks Launches DBRX: A New Open Source Large Language Model for Generative AI

    28 Mar. 2024

    #dbrx #ai

    Databricks has announced DBRX, a groundbreaking open source large language model aimed at enhancing generative AI. DBRX outshines existing models like Llama 2 70B and Mixtral-8x7B in language understanding, programming, maths, and logic benchmarks. It offers enterprises the ability to develop customized AI tools with their data, promising significant efficiency improvements with its mixture-of-experts architecture. Available on GitHub, Hugging Face, AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, DBRX represents a pivotal shift towards open source in the AI domain

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  • Guide: How to Build a Minimum Viable Product in 2024

    Find out how to build an MVP in 2024. Our guide will provide you with all the necessary information to get started. Bring your vision to life with DBBS.

    Details here
  • How to Make a Social Media App: A Guide for 2024

    Learn how to make a social media app in 2024 with our comprehensive guide. Develop your social media app 50% faster with DBB Software.

  • Navigating the Modern Development Landscape: DBBS Platform vs. SaaS Competitors

    Explore the cutting-edge DBBS Platform in this comprehensive article, comparing it with leading SaaS competitors. Uncover the unique benefits of DBBS, including its unified development ecosystem, superior customization, and scalability features. Learn how DBBS excels in deployment efficiency, providing a holistic solution for both front and backend development, and stands out for its robust architecture designed for growth. Dive into the technological innovations powering DBBS, such as NestJS, Next.js, and Material UI, and see how it addresses common challenges like data control and vendor lock-in, setting a new standard in the development process.

  • DBBS Platform vs. Traditional Product Engineering Services: A New Paradigm

    Explore the comparison of DBBS Platform and the conventional methodologies of product engineering services.

  • Safeguarding EU Data Against Drone Threats via Smart Recovery Strategies

    Explore how drone attacks present a new threat to businesses, especially within the EU, and the critical role of disaster recovery strategies like Pilot Light and Warm Standby in ensuring continuity. This article delves into the realities of modern threats, the importance of cloud technologies from AWS and Azure for rapid recovery, and why robust disaster recovery planning is essential for maintaining operations and public trust amidst geopolitical tensions. Learn how DBB Software aids businesses in fortifying against potential disruptions, making resilience more than a buzzword in today's digital and unpredictable landscape.

  • Benefits of Cloud Technologies and Their Impact on Web Performance

    Explore the transformative journey of cloud computing and its profound impact on web performance in this insightful article. Discover how advancements in cloud technology, from dynamic scalability to cost-effective solutions, empower businesses to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape with agility. Uncover the multitude of benefits cloud computing brings, including enhanced speed, security, and reliability, and delve into the role of static web pages and caching mechanisms in optimizing web performance. Through industry examples, learn how companies leverage these innovations for scalability and efficiency, highlighting the indispensable role of cloud technologies in today's digital ecosystem.

  • Empowering Innovation: DBBS Platform's Roadmap to Streamlined Success

    The DBBS Platform sets a new standard in software development, offering a streamlined and efficient approach to creating high-quality, customized solutions. With modular development, tailored functionalities, and predefined configurations, developers can now deliver value rapidly without compromising on consistency or quality. The platform's emphasis on time efficiency and rigorous testing ensures that each project meets the highest standards, paving the way for a future where businesses can reap the benefits of custom software solutions. Explore how the DBBS Platform can transform your software development process.

  • The DBBS Platform: The Ontological Core of DBB Software

    Explore the transformative DBBS Platform by DBB Software, where innovation meets efficiency in the dynamic world of software development. The platform is not just a product but the very embodiment of DBB Software's philosophy, designed to break down barriers to creativity and streamline the development process. It stands as a beacon of excellence, showcasing a commitment to quality, innovation, and the cultivation of a vibrant community of developers. Engage with a tool that empowers developers, fosters continuous improvement, and redefines the essence of software development.

  • How to Build an Intuitive Mobile Application for Real-time Driver Feedback

    Discover the significance of real-time driver feedback, the role of mobile apps in fleet management, and DBB Software approach to building an intuitive app. Revolutionize fleet management with an intuitive mobile app.

  • Unveiling LLaMA: Exploring the Next Generation of Language Models

    Explore LLaMA's features, applications, and flavors in greater detail, uncovering its potential for various industries and the broader AI ecosystem.

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