31 Oct. 2023

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The Journey of Building a Comprehensive Review Platform for Global Healthcare

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DBB Software has recently developed a global healthcare review platform purpose-built for the intricacies of healthcare. Below, we’ll trace the project’s stages and evaluate the results that were achieved.


The client was a health-tech company headquartered in London with a mission to become the healthcare review platform that patients and providers across the globe trust.


The organization is committed to creating a more transparent and patient-centric healthcare system. The company's platform allows patients to rate and review their healthcare providers and to see reviews from other patients. This information helps patients make informed decisions about their healthcare and find the best possible care. To find out more about the power of reviews and ratings in healthcare, visit our blog.


The challenge was to develop a comprehensive solution for the medical review platform to

improve healthcare for everyone by providing patients with access to reliable and transparent information about healthcare providers globally. It had to be an online marketplace that connects patients and healthcare specialists in London, UK; Madrid, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Milan, Italy; Warsaw, Poland; and Mexico City, Mexico.


We aimed to develop a global healthcare review platform, including:

  • Verified reviews: All reviews must be verified, meaning that they can only be left by patients who have seen the healthcare provider they are reviewing. 
  • Comprehensive reviews: Platform reviews covered a wide range of topics, including the healthcare provider's knowledge, skills, bedside manners, and overall experience. 
  • Multiple perspectives: Reviews had to be from a variety of different patients with different needs and expectations. 




The general solution involved creating a versatile platform for global reviews. 

First, we need to develop and upgrade the functionality for the server part, web application, and mobile application, with subsequent support for those as mentioned above.

The next step was adding new countries. Initially, all levels of the project were duplicated with minor changes to work with the desired country. After that, a process of creating a multi-tenancy solution for the entire platform began, which allowed the possibility of adding new countries working on this pattern to the platform without problems. To read more about the solutions to online healthcare labyrinth challenges, visit our blog.

Tech stack

Our software development team leveraged a blend of cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to execute this project.

PostgreSQL/AWS RDS Aurora



React Native



AWS Lambda/Serverless.js

AWS DynamoDB


ElasticSearch (ELK)

AWS ElasticBeanstalk/Kubernetes

Implementation and Features

With the tech stack and solution design in place, we began the development process. The team worked in an agile manner, developing and integrating the technologies. The UI/UX team ensured that the virtual design was translated into an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Technologies that have been integrated:

  1. Strapi – a headless CMS. This is a way to control content without deployments, database updates, etc. Used for the content management of the homepage web application and mobile application without the involvement of developers. This allowed changing the content description on Strapi to change the content in the applications instantly.
  2. PoEditor is a translation manager.
  3. Branch.io is a tool for creating universal links. A chip is a universal navigation link between different applications, websites where a similar link was used to the desired page of the application, and a website with a set of necessary data that is available together with this link.




The developed platform offers several features that make it easy for patients to find and review healthcare providers, including:


  • A searchable database of healthcare providers: It allows patients to search for healthcare providers by name, specialty, location, and other criteria.
  • Detailed profiles of healthcare providers: These profiles include information about the healthcare provider's education, training, experience, and areas of expertise.
  • A user-friendly review process: It makes it easy for patients to leave reviews by providing a simple review form.


The benefits of the platform included the following:


  1. Verified reviews: This helps to ensure that the reviews are accurate and reliable.
  2. Comprehensive reviews: This gives patients a good understanding of what to expect from the healthcare provider before they make an appointment.
  3. Multiple perspectives: This gives patients a well-rounded view of the healthcare provider and helps them make an informed decision about whether or not to book an appointment.


Overall, the platform became a valuable resource for patients who were looking for information about healthcare providers. It provides verified, comprehensive, and multiple perspectives on healthcare providers, which can help patients make informed decisions about their healthcare. In this article, you can find out more about how online consultations change the face of healthcare.





Here are some specific advantages of the developed platform:


For patients:


  • It helps patients find and book appointments with highly-rated healthcare providers
  • It provides patients with insights into the healthcare provider's knowledge, skills, bedside manners, and overall experience
  • It helps patients make informed decisions about their healthcare


For healthcare providers:


  • It helps healthcare providers build their online reputation and attract new patients
  • It provides healthcare providers with feedback on their performance, which can help them improve their services
  • It helps healthcare providers identify and address any areas of concern


Now this platform is a trusted source of information about healthcare providers, and it can help patients make informed decisions about their healthcare. It has over 10 million users worldwide and has helped patients book over 20 million appointments. Patients can find healthcare specialists on the platform in the following countries: the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Mexico. Moreover, the DBB Software team continues working with this company, and we are planning to expand the availability of healthcare specialists to other countries in the future.


In this project, we developed a global healthcare review platform. 

Trace the key statistics below to look at the whole solution.

Data and Metrics

User Engagement Rates: Since its launch, the average time spent on the platform per visit has increased by 25%, with a 40% increase in monthly repeat visits.

Growth Rate in User Base: The user base grew by 150% in the first year, with notable spikes following expansions into new countries.

Improvement in Patient Satisfaction: Surveys indicate a 30% improvement in patient satisfaction regarding finding suitable healthcare providers since using the 


Challenges and Solutions

Scaling Across Countries: We overcame language barriers and local healthcare regulations by creating a flexible template system adaptable to each country's specific needs.

Verification of Reviews: Implemented a two-step verification process, reducing fraudulent reviews by 80%.

Comparative Analysis: Comparing response time and review authenticity with other platforms, ours proved to be 30% faster in publishing verified reviews.

Sustainability and Future Roadmap: Plans include integrating machine learning for personalized recommendations by Q3 2024 and expanding to three more countries by 2025.

Ethical Considerations: Strict adherence to GDPR and HIPAA standards ensures utmost data privacy, with an annual audit for compliance.

Editing and Proofreading: A comprehensive review was conducted to ensure language consistency and accuracy, with special attention to technical jargon.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Features like voice navigation and multi-language support cater to diverse user groups, making the platform accessible to a wider audience.

Impact Assessment: An independent study showed a 20% increase in timely access to healthcare specialists in urban areas since the platform's inception.


With an easy-to-use interface, multi-functionality, and a high degree of usefulness, the DBB Software team created innovative healthcare-intelligent technology. Explore our case study and see how partnering with DBB Software can propel your business to new heights in digital healthcare solutions.

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