06 Apr. 2023

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Healthcare Mobile App Development

DBB Software has recently developed a mobile healthcare app, a portal for healthcare providers, and an administration panel for an EU-based company. Below, we’ll trace the project stages and evaluate the results that were achieved.


The client is a company that specializes in digital solutions for dealing with diabetic retinopathy and other complications of diabetes that can cause vision loss or blindness.

The company wants to give patients the tools they need to take charge of their eye health, stop vision loss, and ease the load on healthcare systems by figuring out who is more likely to get diabetic retinopathy. For more information, look up our latest articles on the topic.

A risk assessment algorithm is used to figure out how likely it is that a patient will get diabetic retinopathy, which can cause vision loss. The algorithm is based on scientific research and takes into account things like how long someone has had diabetes, how much sugar is in their blood, their blood pressure, and whether or not they have kidney disease.


The client needed an app for patients and healthcare providers to use on their phones.

  • The app should help patients monitor their diabetic retinopathy risk, receive personalized recommendations for eye screenings, and better understand their condition.
  • For healthcare providers, the app allows them to track patients' progress, optimize patient care, and manage their workload more efficiently


  1. To develop a mobile app for patients and API, including image recognition algorithms.
  2. To create a portal for healthcare providers to manage patients’ accounts, their progress
  3. To implement an administration panel for healthcare providers' account management and integrate it with payment providers

Pre-development stage

Complex approach and solutions:

- General description of the process and algorithm for the non-professionals has been implemented

- Review and analysis of the competitor solutions have been held

- A specification document for all three apps has been created

- UI/UX design for the mobile app, healthcare providers portal, and administration panel interface has been implemented

- API documentation has been created

- Deployment and hosting strategies have been developed

Tech stack

DBB Software team has applied the following technologies:

  • TypeScript
  • SNS
  • Event Bridge
  • Lambda
  • StepFunctions
  • Cognito
  • Node.js
  • Nest.js
  • React
  • Next.js
  • React Native
  • Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
  • Amazon OpenSearch
  • Strapi
  • Stripe
  • Reporting
  • Route53
  • CloudFront
  • API Gateway
  • CloudWatch


We gave the client technical solutions with many parts that met all of their current business ideas and needs.

  • The mobile app was developed from scratch. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze patient data and retinal images to predict an individual’s risk of developing diabetic retinopathy (DR). The app collects patient data such as age, gender, diabetes type, duration, and HbA1c levels, and combines this with retinal images taken using a smartphone camera and an ophthalmic lens attachment. The retinal images detect any signs of DR, such as microaneurysms, hemorrhages, and exudates, which are then analyzed by the AI algorithm to generate a personalized risk score.
  • A portal for healthcare providers was implemented which allows tracking patient data, checking usage analytics, managing patient accounts, etc.
  • An administration portal was developed which allows the management of healthcare providers’ accounts, to manage payments and subscriptions.

Here are the benefits of the healthcare mobile app developed:

Usefulness. By analyzing retinal images, the AI algorithm can easily detect these changes and predict an individual’s risk of developing DR.

User-friendliness. With the mobile app and an ophthalmic lens attachment, patients can easily take pictures of their retinas with their smartphone.

Multi-functionality. The app provides patients with personalized risk assessments and recommendations for follow-up care, such as regular eye exams with an ophthalmologist.


Discover how DBB Software revolutionized diabetic retinopathy management with a cutting-edge mobile healthcare app, portal, and administration panel for an EU-based company. Our comprehensive solution empowers patients to take control of their eye health, while healthcare providers gain a valuable tool to optimize patient care and manage workloads efficiently. Our AI-driven mobile app, developed from scratch, uses advanced image recognition algorithms to analyze patient data and retinal images, providing personalized risk assessments and follow-up care recommendations.

With an easy-to-use interface, multi-functionality, and a high degree of usefulness, DBB Software’s innovative healthcare app transforms how diabetic retinopathy is detected and managed. Explore our case study and see how partnering with DBB Software can propel your business to new heights in digital healthcare solutions.

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